Sinshih Elementary School is located in Sinshih district,Tainan city, next to Sinshih industrial district and Tainan Science Park which science and technology center. Owing to the dense population,prosperous industry, commerce, and rich living resource, the school has established the foundation for a good environment.

The school was established on April 1, 1917, known as the 大目降(Tavakangh) Public School Sinshih Campus. After repeated changes of the school name, became Sinshih Public School on April 1, 1920. On April 1, 1941, the school name changed to the Sinshih National School. On February, 1947, the school name changed to Tainan County, Sinshih Township the Sinshih National School. On July, 1968, the name was changed to Sinshih Elementary School. Due to merge: With city and county in 2011, it changed its name to Sinshih District, TainanCity,Sinshih Elementary School. From the founding of school more than ninety five years is a long history of the school. In the meantime, the school has numerous talents, the teaching is well received by local people, and the school has been expanded to 56 classes and a total of 1502 students.

Our school has grown and prospered through a number of principals from the creation to the present. We not only continuously update our hardware, but also green and beautify the campus environment. Therefore, our teachers and students learn in a comfortable environment. Moreover, we actively enrich educational software, so students can do various attempts. In order to let the students show their interests, we plan different kinds of students’ clubs. In sports, we have tchoukball, golf, basketball and diabolo; in music, we have string orchestra, recorder, chorus, traditional music and creative drum. Besides, there are art, computer, Chinese and other students’ clubs to show students’ talents. By the effort of teachers and students, we won several medals. In 2011, we won the silver prize in the group of the characteristic of local specialties (Taiwan Web Exihibite); in the year of 100, we won the first prize of excellent school of reading in Tainan city, National Excellent grade of string orchestra of the music competition, the first prize of English Reader’s theater of Tainan city, the first prize of Worldwild Robot Contest selecting game Interscholastic Cup(WRO) in the regions of Yun-Lin , Chia-Yi and Tainan, the Overall Champion of group of golf competition in Tainan city, the first prize of diabolo of traditional arts and the first prize of National Hakkas speech and drama competition. These brilliant records show the outstanding performance and excellence of Sinshih Elementary school.

When the new principal,ChongWen Chan, comes to our school in August,2012 , she not only keeps the original goodness and characteristics, but also carries out her own education idea. She devotes herself to building a whole new school environment , creates the school environment planning, rebuild the old classrooms and improves the equipment of the disablities. At the same time she sets the teaching innovation into action , carries out certain international activites and does some international communications to with on elementary school in Canada. Through the plan of personnel training and future imagination , we will use the creative school device art to design the future living space and let Hsin Hish Elementary School achieve the perspectives within international campus , courses in place , creative activities , and professional teaching.